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Typhoon Hong Kong.

Right now it’s 02.14 AM in Hong Kong, but sleeping is not the thing on my mind right now.. Hurricane Vicente has reached a higher level than imagined this afternoon. The Typhoon was supposed to be just code 3 but had reached signal 10 two hours ago. The sounds of the city are quite disturbing; The heavy wind sounds, rain, sounds of things that let go of their building and the sirens make it impossible to sleep. But I’n going to try to ignore them and think about peacefull things! Hope that will help getting me my needed hours of sleep..



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The past few days I’ve spent in Hong Kong wasn’t only about buying lots of stuff.. I also found alot of nice places to eat! And i will share them with you right now ^^.

The first one is Wanya Japanese Restaurant. A place with a concept that I’m very familiar with : All You Can Eat. For the price 420 HKD, you can eat anything that’s on the AYCE menu. But it’s bit different from what I’m used to in Holland; Here you’re not forced to pay a penalty for the food that you weren’t able to eat. The food is great, fish and meat was very nice. And don’t forget about that Sashimi! You could not only eat Salmon and Tuna sashimi (like in Holland) but also scallop, squid and other raw seafood. The quality was very good, all very fresh tasting and well presented. The service was also very fast and polite too! Unfortunately they don’t have a own website where you can check for information. But if you wish to visit it yourself view google maps with this link; Image


Sashimi Platter.


Goose Liver. I didn’t expect to like this dish, I was actually a bit afraid when I heard what it was, but it actually tasted quite good!Image

Soft Chicken Bone. When i decided to eat this, I thought it was Yakitori (Chicken Skewer) but it’s not. I was a bit harder but good tasting.

I had a great time here and left almost nauseous haha!  Hope you guys will visit too and leave with a full belly like i did!

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NTMC: Bordeaux Bag.

I just bought a new bag in Mong Kok, New Town Mall. And I’m happy with it!

It’s a Bordeaux colored bag with golden details. I bought it for 290 HKD, I tried to bargain but that didn’t work. I couldn’t be strong and leave the bag there so i bought it anyway! What i really love about it, is that its not only a purse AND a shoulder bag. It’s ALSO a backpack! Very functional and pretty too, don’t you think?

Love from Hong Kong <3.

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Hey you guys! Posting this straight out of Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui.. I just landed today! And i will keep you posted on my adventures here. So stay tuned!

Today I didn’t do very much, I walked around, bought some necessities and ate some food. I planned on going to the Buddha Mountain for some culture sniffing and buying goodies at Mong Kok the following days.

My first meal for this trip in Hong Kong was at a place called Chee Kei near our Guesthouse. It’s not that big and the service is real fast. They could be a bit more friendly though :$

I ordered the Sui Kau noodles.



When I got to the restroom I was reminded that some of Hong Kong’s restrooms aren’t so great.. As a matter of fact it was HORRIBLE. We went through the kitchen, through the  back door, to open a door with a key given by the waitress, to get to the “restroom”.

It could’ve been a better first meal experience but it was okay! Hope tomorrow will be better!

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NTMC: Two Finger Skull Ring and Golden Watch Necklace.

NTMC: New To MY Closet/Collection.

I planned on visiting the Episode store in Amsterdam. But it was so hot inside that I felt forced to go outside after a while. Meanwhile there was a market outside the front door! So i decided to take a look.. I got my hands on these lovely pieces of accessories;

A two finger skull ring! I really love two finger rings, they’re just so nice.

And a golden watch necklace. I really love golden accessories and I like the ones that can tell me time even more! It looks great on plain shirts, which don’t have a print on it.

I’ll be visiting that market more often!

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SOTW: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden.

I decided to post songs i play most every week! So here for this week; Garden by TEED.

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DIY: Shorts.

Since it’s Summer I was in need of some nice fitting shorts. A few of mine were too small so I was hunting for new ones. But then I thought; Why buy one when all I need is already here?!

I had a pair of jeans I bought at a vintage store in The Hague. But for some reason I only wore them once! I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I decided to make a pair of shorts of it.


I know… It doesn’t look wearable right now, but it will in an instant! I grabbed my big black marker and marked the pants with a dotted line. But before you do that, you need to wear the pants first and decide what the length your short should be. Then add 4 cm on top of that (that way you can roll up the ends) and then put down a dot. You can always make it a bit longer so that IF something goes wrong, your pants won’t be that short. (And your bum won’t be hanging out at the back)

I did make a mistake in measurements, as you can see my left was dotted higher and is shorter than my right one now.


I grabbed a pair of scissors and shred my full length pants into pieces!

When you put them on now, they look a bit weird.

The ends need to be rolled up twice and sewed to the sides so they stay in place. Et voilà!

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Explore: Museum Automatiek.

Quite some time ago I visited an exhibition of Rotterdam culture near the Afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam. It was quite an unusual exhibition but very cool! They had a machine that normally gives you snacks, but it was filled with objects that identify the culture in south Rotterdam.  Instead of making your stomach’s hunger go away these so called “snacks” ease your hunger for culture.

For the price of 1 euro you can make a card at the machine. With this card you can purchase an object in the machine. After you gained the object, it was possible to watch a short 1 minute movie containing information of the object you just took out of the machine.



The object I picked was a bag filled with the necessities to make a “knoopjeslapje”, a piece of fabric with buttons sewed onto it. It was made to release people their stress, and help people with dementia symptom to get tranquil. With you object you had a piece of paper with a story written on it. I found my story really touching. It was about a widow who was taking care of her demential mother in law. She made her a “knoopjeslapje”, so she could hold on to it during her anger attacks.

When I got home I made myself one with the things that I got in the bag. I had a fun time doing it! But I’m hoping I won’t need it for any of my relatives and friends any time soon!


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PITCH Festival.

Last weekend I traveled to Amsterdam Westergasfabriek to visit the second edition of PITCH festival. It has been a great two-day festival with lots of artists I adore! Some acts were merely great en some were a bit disappointing.. I will discuss my festival experience with you lot.

The act I have been looking forward to the most was SBTRKT live. I loved the SBTRKT album, I have literally been listening to it more than 500 times. I just love the voice of Sampha and the SBTRKT music. On this album SBTRKT was also featuring upcoming artists such as Little Dragon and Jessie Ware. (The last artist was also performing on PITCH.)  As expected the performance was phenomenal! I expected SBTRKT to be DJ’ing, but that wasn’t the case. He supported Sampha’s vocals by drumming and used samples to complete the act.


An act that really surprised me was Die Antwoord; A South African Rap-rave duo supported by DJ Hi-Tek. Their performance was absolutely mindblowing! It was clear that they did some good rehearsals and that really did pay off in a great performance. The crowd went absolutely nuts! I personally never thought I would enjoy their music like I did; I just came to their performance out of curiosity. But their show was so amazing that I even downloaded their album ^^.

Kreayshawn’s preperations weren’t as great as Die Antwoord’s prepreations (she even needed a piece of paper to remind her the line-up of songs) but she did okay. I enjoyed watching her, because she has such charisma. She and her back up vocalist entertained us for an hour, with as well new songs like ‘Breakfast’ as her big hit ‘Gucci Gucci’.

There were lots of other great performers and DJ’s all over the world. Names like Nathan Fake, James Holden, SHLOMO, Mr Scruff, The Weekend, Beardyman, Kode9, Africa Hitech, Mount Kimbie, SBTRKT, Kreayshawn and Die Antwoord were all part of the line-up on PITCH festival 2012.

I had a blast and I surely will be visiting next year!



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Hello you all! This is supposed to be the post where i introduce myself to you lot 🙂

My name is Linh Luu, and I’m from  Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I just turned 20 in the beginning of June, feeling old now I’m in my twenties :$ I study Leisure Management at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (HRO).
On this blog I will keep you updated with the things that fascinate me and things that I enjoy! My main topics : Food, Fashion/Clothing and Events.

Stay tuned for all my discoveries in this big beautifull world!


Linh Luu