DIY: Shorts.

Since it’s Summer I was in need of some nice fitting shorts. A few of mine were too small so I was hunting for new ones. But then I thought; Why buy one when all I need is already here?!

I had a pair of jeans I bought at a vintage store in The Hague. But for some reason I only wore them once! I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I decided to make a pair of shorts of it.


I know… It doesn’t look wearable right now, but it will in an instant! I grabbed my big black marker and marked the pants with a dotted line. But before you do that, you need to wear the pants first and decide what the length your short should be. Then add 4 cm on top of that (that way you can roll up the ends) and then put down a dot. You can always make it a bit longer so that IF something goes wrong, your pants won’t be that short. (And your bum won’t be hanging out at the back)

I did make a mistake in measurements, as you can see my left was dotted higher and is shorter than my right one now.


I grabbed a pair of scissors and shred my full length pants into pieces!

When you put them on now, they look a bit weird.

The ends need to be rolled up twice and sewed to the sides so they stay in place. Et voilà!

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