Explore: Museum Automatiek.

Quite some time ago I visited an exhibition of Rotterdam culture near the Afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam. It was quite an unusual exhibition but very cool! They had a machine that normally gives you snacks, but it was filled with objects that identify the culture in south Rotterdam.  Instead of making your stomach’s hunger go away these so called “snacks” ease your hunger for culture.

For the price of 1 euro you can make a card at the machine. With this card you can purchase an object in the machine. After you gained the object, it was possible to watch a short 1 minute movie containing information of the object you just took out of the machine.



The object I picked was a bag filled with the necessities to make a “knoopjeslapje”, a piece of fabric with buttons sewed onto it. It was made to release people their stress, and help people with dementia symptom to get tranquil. With you object you had a piece of paper with a story written on it. I found my story really touching. It was about a widow who was taking care of her demential mother in law. She made her a “knoopjeslapje”, so she could hold on to it during her anger attacks.

When I got home I made myself one with the things that I got in the bag. I had a fun time doing it! But I’m hoping I won’t need it for any of my relatives and friends any time soon!


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