The past few days I’ve spent in Hong Kong wasn’t only about buying lots of stuff.. I also found alot of nice places to eat! And i will share them with you right now ^^.

The first one is Wanya Japanese Restaurant. A place with a concept that I’m very familiar with : All You Can Eat. For the price 420 HKD, you can eat anything that’s on the AYCE menu. But it’s bit different from what I’m used to in Holland; Here you’re not forced to pay a penalty for the food that you weren’t able to eat. The food is great, fish and meat was very nice. And don’t forget about that Sashimi! You could not only eat Salmon and Tuna sashimi (like in Holland) but also scallop, squid and other raw seafood. The quality was very good, all very fresh tasting and well presented. The service was also very fast and polite too! Unfortunately they don’t have a own website where you can check for information. But if you wish to visit it yourself view google maps with this link; Image


Sashimi Platter.


Goose Liver. I didn’t expect to like this dish, I was actually a bit afraid when I heard what it was, but it actually tasted quite good!Image

Soft Chicken Bone. When i decided to eat this, I thought it was Yakitori (Chicken Skewer) but it’s not. I was a bit harder but good tasting.

I had a great time here and left almost nauseous haha!  Hope you guys will visit too and leave with a full belly like i did!

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