NTMC: Ladies Market goodies!

At the ladies market, Mongkok, Hong kong I bought alot of stuff. They would be lovely as a cute souvenir or just very handy for own use!

So this is what i bought ;

There was a lot of stuff to buy there so it was very hard for me not to buy much.. I think i did great! (not counting the ones that are still on their way with HKPost :$)

I bought 2 iPhone cases. One for 4/4s and one for 3Gs. Well actually one is a bumper not a case. It was really hard to find one for the 3Gs, they rarely sell them, and if they do it’s hard to find one that’s nice looking. I bought these for 38 HKD each, that’s a reasonable price. But remember you can always bargain if you buy more! So if you’re with friends and they want to buy some products too, its better to wait for them and buy it all at once. That way you can knock a couple dollars off the price.

A Domo Pouch for coins and cards! For 19 HKD, that’s not even 2 euro’s. In Holland they would totally sell it for 8 or more!

2 Rilakkuma passport holders. I really love Rilakkuma! It’s so adorable haha. My inner  happy Chinese girl  just popped up when i saw it in Hong Kong. They don’t sell it much over here, i guess it’s not that popular. I bought these for 19 HKD each.

2 Bracelets. I bought them 25 HKD each. That is almost as cheap as you can get it over there. ( but you can get a lower price if you buy more! ) They all sell a lot of products alike, so it’s not a problem if they won’t agree with your bargain. You just walk away and try at another stand. Mostly when you walk away they even call you back and tell you to name any price! I went to the first stand that was selling bracelets, they said 60 HKD each. So i walked away, just testing the lady. She called me back and ended up saying 30 HKD. I walked away and went to another stand and bought it for 25 HKD each!

And last but not least; Cell phone plugs! I don’t remember how much i bought this for.. haha forgive me. You plug these in the hole where you normally plug your earphones. It’s a cute accessory for your phone. These come in 2, for couples I assume 🙂

That was it for the ladies market! Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to bargain!


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