NEW; DEARHUNTER. NEW Vintage store in Rotterdam!

Hello there! Hope you guys had great holidays and are well rested to head back to work and school. I know I’m not.. XD During holidays it should be relaxing and fun, but for some reason I didn’t find it relaxing at all! I’ve been so busy. And when I think back, I’m not even sure what was keeping me so busy.. Well let’s just say that I’ve been busy with family and friends and spending time with them.

Right before the holidays I was doing some shopping in Rotterdam. And I also happened to pass by Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam. So we decided to take a look at Dearhunter! It’s a ‘new’ store along eendrachtsweg, owned by a young female vintage lover. I have been there before just to check out some stuff. The thing I like about this store, is that It’s nice and clean.  It is also has a tiny hair salon inside the store! The owner arranged all the clothing by sex and by color, which is very convenient. What I like the most about this store, is that every clothing item has been washed and ironed with care. The clothing looks good and it also smells very nice hehe :).




I managed to buy 3 items that day.

First of all a blouse. Which is a bit over sized, but It’s okay since I’m going to tuck it inside my pants anyways. I love the print and the buttons.



The shirt was on sale, so I bought it for a lousy 9 euro’s!

I bought a sweater with a colorful print.


It’s very thick, so It’s nice and warm for the winter that is coming for us. I bought this sweater for 10 euro’s.

And last but not least, a snake skin belt.



I love the structure of this belt. It is also a thin belt, I think it would be nice for around my waist.

I love the store and I surely will be visiting more often! I do have a few more things to add. It is a pity that the store isn’t that big and does not have big collection of clothing. But on the other hand I guess it’s better to have a qualitatively good collection than a big collection full of ‘so so’ clothing.

And one tip! If you go to the store, make sure to check for the price tag. Because it has been clipped on, and might have fell off. If so, then you should ask for the price before you decide if you buy it or not.

ImageBecause they can make up any price they want, when you’re already at the cash register to pay for it! It is still a vintage store after all, and they don’t keep a record of prizing.

Here is their card for contact and visiting info.


I wish you lots of vintage fun!

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