NEW IN; iPad Mini Elephant case.

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… Truth is I’ve been quite busy with school and creating concepts for my course. As of right now I’m doing a ‘Event management course’. And I’m organizing an event at the end of January for Warsteiner. So that is where my thoughts have been lately…

But no more excuses! Back to the reason why I came back to WordPress; My new iPad Mini case from DinosaursStudio on (

Etsy is a platform for creative people that make stuff on their own, where they can sell their handmade items. But there are also lots of small vintage stores that are online on Etsy too. If you’re looking for something original or custom made, I bet you can find it there!

I ordered my case like three weeks ago on the Etsy website. And last week it came through my mailbox! I was very excited for it to arrive (I always am, for all my packages, hihi), because I wanted to have a case like this for a long time. It protects my iPad and is also very cute.

Check out my cute ass case!




Someone named Valerie contacted me right after my online order. I told Valerie that I have a smart-cover (back and front) and that this case should be customized to fit my iPad with cover. I gave her the measurements and she made it a perfect fit!

It is a soft fabric cover with red a zipper on top and a front pocket for wires and a stylus (if you have one). Inside there is a striped print. Valarie makes them herself, so they’re handmade. And it is possible to customize the cases to fit your tablet and perhaps keyboard too. There are many other prints available in her store, so have a look!

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