Autumn Favorites.


It’s November so were in the middle of Fall/Autumn season! I thought it would be nice to show you guys my favorite shoes to wear for this time of the year.

The most practical one is my red 1460- 8 EYE Dr. Martens boots. They’re comfortable and water resistant and add a tough/edgy vibe to your outfit. And the color is also great! I mostly wear black shoes, so this color is a welcome change. I mostly combine these boots with jeans or tights.



Second one would be my favorite at the moment; River Island Black cutout boot with gold buckles. I wear them a lot, so that is why they look a bit worn out hehe. They look edgy and girly at the same time. It is a cutout boot, so  you think it wouldn’t be good for fall season. But when it’s dry outside but still a bit cold I’ll just wear socks. Mostly black ones, but it is also fun to combine them with bright colored or patterned socks to give it a different look! They go with all kinds of outfits; jeans, leggings, tights.. everything! That is why I love them so much.



And last but not least; Demonia cheetah print creepers. I really like the pattern on this one! And it is black (my favorite hihi) so they’re easy to combine with outfits. I wear them with socks underneath my pants, but also with socks on top of my tights. That kind of sounds weird, but it looks nice. ( I’ll show you in another post 🙂 ) I don’t wear these as much as the other 2 pair, because I’m a half size and they keep slipping off. Maybe it is because of the platform or something. That is why I would love to get a pair with a lower platform, entirely black, and hope they won’t come off as this one. Even with all this complaining it’s still one of my autumn favorites.



I hope you guys enjoyed this post of my Autumn favorite shoes! Till next time 🙂


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