About 3 weeks ago I went to the Thrift store and found 2 old (but awesome) looking vintage camera’s. I had to go through a whole box full of them but I found two great ones. (I think) I got them for E1,50 each. It was way too cheap, so I had to buy them!

First one was the Hanimex 35 Dual Lens camera. As the name already says, it has two lenses. One tele (close range focus)  and one wide (for nice scenes). For a more closer look; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6l4_uLF4ro

You can also see some photo’s taken by this camera on the Lomography website. http://www.lomography.com/photos/cameras/3339280-hanimex-35-dual-lens



The second one is a Gepe brand camera. The AWF 35 DX to be exact. It was hard for me to find this one on the internet, and find information about it. Since I guess it was not that popular in its days. The Hanimex on the other had was more popular. But this one has a nice colorway and has a nice vintage look, so that is why I decided to buy it!



I hadn’t done anything with it yet, because I couldn’t find my film. So yesterday I decided to purchase old film for these camera’s. And I just received them! I bought one NEOPAN 400 black and white and two Superia X-tra 400, both from Fujifilm. (http://www.fototuerlings.nl/vintage-cameras/old-stock-films) When I buy regular ones at HEMA, it would cost me around 7/8 euro’s for 3. And here I bought different kinds for 15 euro’s in total, including shipping. So it is a bit more than the regular ones, but I hope the results are worth it in the end.




Soon I will show you guys the results! So keep on reading!

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