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Berlin Street Art Workshop.

Last week I went back to Berlin for the third time this year! I really love this city because of all the different subcultures and the underground party scene. Except for partying we also did some other stuff. Like a street art workshop by Alternative Berlin. (


Photo By Ruby Boudestein


Because Berlin is the most poor capital of Europe (or at least one of them) it is cheap to live there. So a lot of artists and creative people feel drawn to the city. They can rent cheaper apartments here and make a living. As we know it is not always that easy to make a living being an musician or a painter. That is why this city is full of creative people! And that is what makes the city more alive, in my opinion. Those creative people want to express themselves and so do the graffiti artists. That is the reason why the city is full of their graffiti pieces.

First we got a guided tour around some parts of Berlin near Alexanderplatz. The guide told us alot about the art on the walls, that we would normally pass by without noticing. It was fun to hear the stories behind the pieces that were painted on the walls of the trainstations, stores etc. And the stories of graffiti crews in the city. Our guide was a graffiti artist himself and you could definitely see this during the tour. He spoke very enthusiastically about the pieces and the scene. And that is what made it way more interesting. He told us about Creepo, Mr. Six, El Bocho and many more.


After a one and a half hour tour outside (in the cold, snif). We went to their workshop/gallery. Here we got to make our own pieces after demonstrations of local artists. We could all pick a stencil of our liking and had to cut the black parts out. This stencil we used to spray the graffiti onto a piece of carton later. It sounds all very simpel, but the results are great! After some hard work I had my Twiggy piece to bring home with me!



I had a fun time hearing all the stories and doing the workshop, so I would definitely recommend it if you’re going to Berlin with a group :). Berlin has lots of great art pieces all around the city, so stop and have a good look!

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Hong Kong; Shopping.

Hey you guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting anything lately. Right now I’m in Melbourne, Australia! But I still have some things I’d like to tell you about Hong Kong first.. So I’ll go ahead and do that first before I head on to beautiful Australia.

Because of Typhoon Vicente that struck Hong Kong the time I was spending over there, I was not able to do a lot of sightseeing. Even though the Typhoon only lasted for two days, the rain and wind kept on going. I had to spend most of my time inside Hong Kong shopping malls. Luckily they have quite a few, so I could still proceed my buying process :D. I’m going to discuss a few I liked!

The one that struck me the most is the mall at Sha Tin, well actually It’s not just one mall, 3 malls are combined for a big indoor shopping spree! And when you arrive at metro station Sha Tin, you don’t have to look any further, It’s connected to the station! You can easily spend a whole day here without going outside, there is a food court so the food and drinks are fully covered. There is even an arcade! But most importantly they have a restroom where you can do your business 😉  and freshen up for the heavy shopping you’re going to do! The 3 malls combined are; Hilton Plaza, New Town plaza and Citylink Plaza.

A mall with more expensive brands is Times Square shopping center. (metro station Causeway Bay, at this station you can also find Forever 21!) It is a very nice looking shopping center. With brands like Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Celine and so on. There is a similar shopping center at Central metro station with famous brands too; including Dior, Fendi and Manolo Blahnik.

Langham’s Place is a shopping mall connected to the Mongkok metro station. It has various stores, from expensive to just average. They have an H&M and a Monki store there. The thing I love the most in this shopping center is the Food court on the 4th story. They have a lot of Asian food up there; like: Korean and Taiwanese. I love the place called “Pepper lunch” the most. The food is served on a hot plate and you have to stir and mix it all yourself. That way you can decide how long your meat is grilled and how you like your rice. Especially the Steak Beef is nice, that is all I ever ate when I got there :$.

The mall I bought the most stuff at is New Town mall also in Mong Kok. It’s not that big but there are a lot of cute, fun and affordable stuff you want to buy right away! The first time I came here, not a lot of shops were open, because it was around 10 pm. But the day after I came during the daytime to have a closer look at the shops and what they have to offer. They have a lot of stuff for girls, like clothing and a lot of purses, but they also sell accessories for your phone and other small stuff that you can also buy at the Ladies Market.(also in Mong Kok)  I obviously bought most of my stuff here gehehe. :3

If you’re interested in buying stuff for your phone or iPad and other small stuff like stuffed animals or bracelests. Womens market at Mong Kok is the place to be! You have to be feisty though, haggling will save you alot of money IF you can do it! Mostly you can get half price off. But you have to be persistent and prepared to walk away if they don’t give you the price you want.

I had to sent a lot of stuff home with HKpost, because my luggage was gonna explode! With HKpost you can sent your package home by surface (boat). I sent my package of 16 kilo’s home for 320 HKD. That is very cheap compared to DHL; DHL doensn’t even ship to Europe by surface.

I had a great shopping experience in Hong Kong and HKpost made it all even better! 🙂

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