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SOTW: We Are Trees- Sunrise Sunset.

Recently found them through a Toro Y Moi song on youtube, that my boyfriend sent me. I love the drums and guitar in this song! Enjoy.

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SOTW: Sufjan Stevens- For the widows in paradise

I was checking some songs for my internship at WORM. (www.worg.org) When I saw the name of this song I thought i didn’t know the song! And then I heard it and i remember the sound of the strings. So I searched on the internet and i remember it from The OC. I loved that series. And I Love the song. Enjoy!

PS. I know the video kind of sucks haha but It’s all about the music.

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Event; The XX Concert in Antwerp.

Hey there!

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted something. I’m terribly sorry about that! But i have been busy with school and finding an internship and so on.. So i haven’t had any time to post anything. I’ll try to catch up on that i promise 😉

On 21th of November 2012 I visited Antwerp. And not just for the vintage stores but for The XX concert! My boyfriend bought us tickets as a surprise!
I love them so much! I know every friggin song on both of their albums…hehe. If you don’t know them you should definitely check them out!

The XX grid

I did not expect it to be in a large location or anything. Since they have been kind of underground. But they have worked their way up the past two years and this was their biggest show. So happy i could be there! It was at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp. When you buy a ticket for the Lotto Arena you can travel the tram and bus for free. That was a great thing!

After waiting for almost an hour outside, they finally let us in! We went straight for the shop and bought ourselves a t-shirt. I thought it was kind of overpriced, 25 euro’s, for a simple shirt with printing on it.

But I’m so happy I bought it, since it’s a great souvenir for this great memory that it was gonna become.

The support act was quite weird… I’m kind of used to weird things but this one just really didn’t fit inside my brain full of weirdness. The name of the band was Austra. There were three female singers and 2 guys supporting them with the synths, keyboard and guitar. It looked very random since they were all dressed totally differently. It also took me 10 minutes to figure out that they were singing in English! So all together it was alright, but not that amazing.

After Austra left, it was time for the XX! I was so excited 🙂 And my excitement didn’t turn into disappointment while they came on. The whole show was amazing. And that is what it was a SHOW! They were all dressed in black, they had a great setup with the tables for Jamie XX to use the instruments and the lights really added a little something to the show. I believe it was the best performance I’ve ever seen. But maybe that’s because I Love their music so much. I wish i could relive that night right now, I’m getting excited all over again while fixing up this post.


It was a great concert! If I ever get the chance to see them again I would definitely GO 😀

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SOTW; Oh Land- White Nights

I like this song cause it’s so nice and energetic. 🙂 The video’s is stunning too.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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SOTW: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden.

I decided to post songs i play most every week! So here for this week; Garden by TEED.

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PITCH Festival.

Last weekend I traveled to Amsterdam Westergasfabriek to visit the second edition of PITCH festival. It has been a great two-day festival with lots of artists I adore! Some acts were merely great en some were a bit disappointing.. I will discuss my festival experience with you lot.

The act I have been looking forward to the most was SBTRKT live. I loved the SBTRKT album, I have literally been listening to it more than 500 times. I just love the voice of Sampha and the SBTRKT music. On this album SBTRKT was also featuring upcoming artists such as Little Dragon and Jessie Ware. (The last artist was also performing on PITCH.)  As expected the performance was phenomenal! I expected SBTRKT to be DJ’ing, but that wasn’t the case. He supported Sampha’s vocals by drumming and used samples to complete the act.


An act that really surprised me was Die Antwoord; A South African Rap-rave duo supported by DJ Hi-Tek. Their performance was absolutely mindblowing! It was clear that they did some good rehearsals and that really did pay off in a great performance. The crowd went absolutely nuts! I personally never thought I would enjoy their music like I did; I just came to their performance out of curiosity. But their show was so amazing that I even downloaded their album ^^.

Kreayshawn’s preperations weren’t as great as Die Antwoord’s prepreations (she even needed a piece of paper to remind her the line-up of songs) but she did okay. I enjoyed watching her, because she has such charisma. She and her back up vocalist entertained us for an hour, with as well new songs like ‘Breakfast’ as her big hit ‘Gucci Gucci’.

There were lots of other great performers and DJ’s all over the world. Names like Nathan Fake, James Holden, SHLOMO, Mr Scruff, The Weekend, Beardyman, Kode9, Africa Hitech, Mount Kimbie, SBTRKT, Kreayshawn and Die Antwoord were all part of the line-up on PITCH festival 2012.

I had a blast and I surely will be visiting next year!



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