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SOTW: One Little Plane- She Was Out In The Water.

It has been quite a while, but here back again the Song Of The Week. The perfect lazy Sunday song!

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SOTW: Sufjan Stevens- For the widows in paradise

I was checking some songs for my internship at WORM. (www.worg.org) When I saw the name of this song I thought i didn’t know the song! And then I heard it and i remember the sound of the strings. So I searched on the internet and i remember it from The OC. I loved that series. And I Love the song. Enjoy!

PS. I know the video kind of sucks haha but It’s all about the music.

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SOTW: Life Size Ghost.

This is a great remix of Mt. Wolf’s song ; Life Size Ghost. I really like the saxophone near the end 🙂


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SOTW; Oh Land- White Nights

I like this song cause it’s so nice and energetic. 🙂 The video’s is stunning too.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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